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TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS offers its clients a selection of castles and antique residences in the Tuscany, exclusive and unforgettable resorts rich in history, mediaeval manors, villas and historic homes ideal for memorable holidays or overnight stays during tours which include splendid art cities such as Florence and Siena and the antique medieval villages of Tuscany. Experience typical Tuscan landscapes rich in sun, cypresses and hills, the vines which produce names as famous as those of Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, with olive trees which produce the unmistakable tastes of extra virgin olive oil from the Tuscan hills.

Our unbeatable proposals include short and longer stays in carefully selected castles and period residences, in Renaissance villas and charming historic buildings, the perfect settings for the wedding of your dreams, quality events and important receptions.

TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS is a partner which does more than just organise your tour: our team can bring you into the heart of Tuscany, to its original tastes, into the fascinating and emotional medieval and Renaissance history of this region, stirring the soul of the traveller attentive to detail. Sleep in the homes where Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Filippo Brunelleschi slept, stand at the balconies of renaissance villas and the crenelated towers of medieval castles gazing at infinite rows of vines bordered by cypresses growing under a Tuscan sun, relax in the waters of antique thermal baths, lunch under ceilings painted by the masters and stroll through gardens and parks planned during the Renaissance.

This is an opportunity to experience new emotions, profound and lasting, to fulfil your dreams under a Tuscan sun and sky in a story where you play the leading role.

A selection of the locations throughout Tuscany which TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS suggests for your pleasure:


-Antica Torre Tornabuoni (Florence)

-Resort Monsignor della Casa (Mugello)

-Borgo San Luigi (Siena)

-Il Borro (Valdarno - Ferragamo family

-Castello di Gargonza (Siena)

-Villa La Maschera (Barberino-Mugello)

-Platinhome (Florence)

-Hotel Four Season (Florence)

-Castello di Velona (Chianti)

-Castello di Bibbione (Florence)

-Castel Monastero (Siena)

-Borgo Scopeto (Siena)

-Borgo San Felice (Siena)

-Castello di Santa Maria Novella


A stay in an ancient area as rich in traditions as Tuscany means the opportunity to increase the pleasure of your stay with the wealth of engaging and entertaining seasonal activities characteristic of this fabulous area of Italy.

TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS is ready to introduce you to the universe of gastronomic secrets that is Tuscany.

If you are present in the right season, you will have the chance to learn grape harvesting techniques between the vines destined to become wines famous internationally such as Chianti Gallo Nero and Brunello di Montalcino, or learn first-hand how to harvest olives and watch the production of Tuscan green gold, the extra virgin olive oil. The right olives grow only on the sun-drenched trees which line the hills: taste the various qualities and discover the secrets of pairing the oils with food.

TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS offers wine-lovers an unforgettable experience, tastings with lessons and a chance to understand the traditions and passions of a region where the culture of wine production in its hills has become pure pleasure for the senses.

Wine experts and agronomists will guide you through tasting Tuscan wines, paired with locally cured meats, cheeses and home-made breads. We can arrange cooking classes so that you discover Tuscan specialities such as Ribollita, Pappa al Pomodoro, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Trippa alla Fiorentina, and home-made pastas flavoured with meat and fish sauces.

Sport fans will love the many interesting outdoor activities in a natural setting - choose from golf courses set in the Tuscan hills, archery fields, horseback riding along the many paths, canoeing in the lakes and rivers, and the well-appointed ports and marinas which invite you to discover the coastline and islands of Tuscany in a sailboat.

Take a hot-air balloon trip to admire the countryside from above, or hire a powerful, comfortable Harley Davidson to enjoy the roads and sights of Tuscany in complete freedom.

Visitors to Tuscany who would like to experience more of art besides guided visits to museums and churches will enjoy our photography courses held on-site in places of interest, and courses in the art of ceramics. Relaxing and shopping are two activities perfect for Tuscany, because every real 'renaissance' begins with health and relaxation.

If you are seeking a stress-free vacation, surrounded by the bewitching beauty of the Tuscan countryside, if you are looking for a place to unwind, TUSCAN COUNTRY ROADS has a selection of wellness centres and spas just right for you.

Qualified staff and experts in well-being will guide you along your personal path to regeneration to forget stress, fatigue and worries, and where your only objective shall be to relax and enjoy yourself every single minute.

Since antiquity, Tuscany has offered a wide range of thermal baths famous for their therapeutic properties. Most of these baths now form part of resorts or are near excellent accommodation opportunities.

Florence and Tuscany are synonymous with fashion and craftsmanship. Let us help you find the right shopping experience for you from among the numerous outlets offering clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, from the wide range of prestigious Italian high fashion names, or discover the antique artisans workshops where original, unique and fascinating objects are created, the heritage of a rich traditional culture.

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